Shake table tests on a masonry structure retrofitted with composite reinforced mortar – 18-19 December 2017

The recent seismic events in central Italy have shown the high vulnerability of historic masonry constructions. Aiming at developing sustainable solutions for the retrofitting and structural strengthening, a shake table test will be carried out on 18 and 19 December 2017 on a full-scale tuff masonry structure retrofitted with an innovative composite reinforced mortar system. The specimen is a U-shaped masonry structure provided with openings and sustaining a timber roof. After a former shake table test session without reinforcement, it has undergone repair and strengthening works in which a glass fibre reinforced polymer mesh has been applied with a natural hydraulic lime mortar to the outer surface of the damaged walls. Natural accelerograms will be applied in horizontal and vertical directions, with increasing scaling factor to collapse. Results will show the dynamic behaviour of masonry structures strengthened with composite reinforced mortars and the enhancement of the seismic performance provided by the retrofitting work.

The research project is led by Prof. Gianmarco de Felice of Roma Tre University and the tests will be carried out at the ENEA Casaccia Research Centre, under the coordination of Dr. Gerardo De Canio.

The experimental activity is part of the ITALY–USA Science and Technology Cooperation Project Nr. PGR00234 “Composites with inorganic matrix for sustainable strengthening of architectural heritage” funded by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and of the Project CoBRA “Sviluppo e diffusione di metodi, tecnologie e strumenti avanzati per la Conservazione dei Beni culturali, basati sull’applicazione di Radiazioni e di tecnologie Abilitanti” funded by the Lazio Region.  The experimental activity is cofunded by the Reluis-DPC Executive Projects 2006/2016 “Assessment and Mitigation of Seismic Vulnerability of Existing Masonry Structures” and by a research agreement with FIbrenet srl, which provided the reinforcement materials

The experimental tests will be shared in real time by DySCO Virtual Lab at the following address:


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