Experimental Laboratory



The Department of Engineering is provided with a laboratory for experimental research in structures, hydraulics and road engineering. The laboratory is located in the campus of engineering.


The activities of the laboratory of structures include:

  • Experimental investigation for basic or applied research. The areas of interest include the characterization of construction materials, including steel, concrete, masonry, timber and advanced composites, the study of the response of structural members and medium-scale structural assemblies, and the development of control devices such as isolators and sinks.
  • External services, such as special tests, ordinary and field investigations.
  • Experimental activities as Official Laboratory in accordance with art. 20 of the Law 1086/71 for the execution of tests for the determination of the mechanical characteristics and the acceptance of building materials as well as the qualificaiton of products for civil engineering applications.
  • Training activities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as advanced courses for practitioners.


The equipment of the Experimental Laboratory include:

  • An area for tests on structural members equipped with a reinforced concrete reaction wall, a stiff reinforced concrete foundation slab, and a overhead-travelling crane with 100kN capacity
  • An MTS Universal Testing Machine with 500kN capacity and 250mm stroke for static, dynamic and fatigue tests under force and displacement control
  • An MTS Actuator with 250kN capacity and 250mm stroke for static and dynamic tests under force and displacement control 
  • A cylinder actuator with 1000kN capacity
  • Two hollow cylinder actuator with 300kN capacity
  • A Technontest machine for tensile tests on steel rebars with 100okN capacity
  • A Metrocom machine with 3000kN capacity for static compressive tests on specimens up to 300cm high 
  • An electromechanic actuator with 500kN capacity and 400mm stroke for static and pseudodynamic tests
  • A MATEST Climatic Chamber with -25°C/+70°C temperature and 10%-98% relative humidity ranges and 700L capacity
  • A MATEST Climatic Chamber with -25°C/+60°C temperature and 10%-90% relative humidity ranges and 550L capacity
  • A Controls Oven with *5°C/*200°C temperature range and 250L capacity
  • Load cells
  • Displacement and strain transducers, accelerometers
  • A National Instrument Data acquisition system with 72 channels
  • A National Instrument Data acquisition system with 24 channels
  • Flat jacks
  • Pull-off test equipment
  • Pull-out test equipment
  • Equipment for field NDT on timber structures



Open space

The open space houses equipped desks for PhD students, post-doc research fellows, research assistants, and visiting researchers and professors. It is located in a brand new buidling in the campus of the Department of Engineering.



The Scientific and Technologic Library of Roma Tre University is located in the campus of the Department of Engineering, and is part of the network of libraries of the University. It is open to BSc, MSc and PhD students and provides several services to the researchers and professors of the Department.

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