Muneer Ahmed

PhD Student




I did my MS Structural engineering from Tianjin University, China 2017-2019 and MS Thesis topic was “Study on Behavior of Rectangular and Circular CFST Columns subjected to Different loads”

After that I worked as Research assistant at Zhejiang University, China 2019-2022 and worked on different innovative projects. Structural properties of sustainable precast self-compacting concrete shell Beam incorporating grounded coal bottom Ash and Coir Fibre, Cantilever beam vibrations by using a Quanser Shaking table machine and optical measuring system, Parametric study of four points loading of I shaped Basalt fiber reinforced polymer BFRP beams etc.

Currently working as PHD researcher in Roma Tre University since 2022 working on the development of digital technologies for the inspection and monitoring of infrastructures, integrated in the management and maintenance process of works of art. This requires a transition towards alternative systems to the use of traditional sensors (accelerometers, velocimeters, displacement transducers) by means of computer vision techniques, with a simplification of the in situ acquisition process without the need for bulky equipment and advanced technical skills. The research programme therefore aims to develop computer vision techniques for monitoring, dynamic identification and health assessment of infrastructures in a sustainable process of managing existing bridges to ensure their preservation and without prejudice to safety.

My research interests are visual health monitoring of structures by using advance methods, remote sensing, vibration analysis, finite element modelling (FEM) and Sustainable Construction.