Mario Lorello

PhD Student




Mario Lorello is civil (structural) engineer, Ph.D. Student in Civil Engineering at Roma Tre University since November 2020, where he’s member of the Structures Research Group. He got his MSc in July 2020 with a dissertation titled: “seismic vulnerability of monumental buildings: the case study of S. Martino dei Gualdesi church in Catelsantangelo sul Nera”, concerning the FEM modelling and the seismic behaviour study with an innovative approach of a structure involved in the Central Italy Earthquake (2016-2017), part of a current specific research program of the ReLuis consortium and the Civil Protection Department.

Mario’s current research interests concern the numerical modelling of masonry, the finite element modelling (FEM) with advanced software like Abaqus, the study of the static and dynamic (seismic) response of historical masonry structures with the proposal of possible interventions of structural rehabilitation.