Bartolomeo Pantò




He graduated (110/110 cum laude) in Civil Engineering, from the University of Catania (Italy), with the thesis “A new macro-element for the assessment the seismic behaviour of the masonry buildings”. Completed his PhD course in Structural Engineering at the University of Catania with the PhD thesis: “The modelling of masonry buildings. An innovative approach based on a 3D macro-element”. Subsequently, He participated in several research aiming at the numerical modelling and retrofitting of existing buildings with particular focus on masonry structures. His research area includes: Non-linear numeric procedures; Seismic vulnerability and retrofitting of masonry and mixed masonry-r.c. buildings; Seismic vulnerability and retrofitting of historical and monumental buildings; Assessment of the seismic response of masonry buildings by means of macro-models. Since 2015 He is contract lecturer at the department of Civil Engineering and Architectural of the University of Catania for the courses “Design of structures in seismic areas” and “Dynamic of the Structures”. In 2015 obtained a postdoctoral scholarship advanced masters in structural analysis of monuments and historical constructions at the department of Civil Engineering of the  University of Minho (Portugal). In 2016 obtained a scholarship at the department of Engineering at the RomaTre University (Rome), within the project “Smart Environments” titled: “Cultural Heritage Safety Diagnostics Conservation and Restoration”, task: Integrated methodologies for the seismic assessment of historical heritage”. The results of his research activity have been published in several international journals, specialized in Structural and Seismic Engineering

Research & projects