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Once we uncovered some of the “hidden” storage areas, we had no problems storing Website all of our clothes and other belongings nicely in the room. The bed and furniture were functional, stylish, and comfortable, especially after our long days ashore. The upgrade in bathroom size was also another perk of this cabin. Overall, our week-long cruise in the Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda was comfortable and a step above the fleet’s standard balcony rooms. The Celebrity smartphone app also functioned without hiccups. We were able to access our stateroom door with a swipe of our device as well as control the other in-room features.

They are found forward in the corners on decks 7 and 8. “They were so happy and grateful to be back onboard, doing what they love,” Yeomans said. The minute Yeomans and her children boarded the ship, they were greeted by a round of applause from the officers and crew. The missing piece of the overall experience is without a doubt the screen. Doing classes on an iPad is doable but if you are used to large screens such as the Peloton bike displays you will be disappointed.

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  • Even if you have one of the best Android phones out there, there’s always a chance to soup things up without much overhead.
  • Price is double occupancy and includes 2-night room, all meals, open-bar, and a variety of entertainment while on board.
  • On the plus side, the lack of eye-catching decor prevented the room from feeling too stuffy.

In fact, there is nothing different from my Celebrity experiences of the past compared to now except guest load. It has been nice and is what prompted me to book a B3B. European travel is a bit more difficult but still entirely doable if you understand and comply with all the differing country entry protocols. Caribbean sailing, we’ll be getting off the ship, quickly going home – to get bigger clothes – then returning.

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I found this show particularly interesting, for a few reasons. See, Celebrity moved away from the “classic hits mashup” shows many years ago, but that seemed to be the format here. What made it different was that the energy of the performance was through the roof and the set and costuming was impressive.

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In the end, I wondered if it were because the flight to Greece stopped in a country that required a negative PCR. In the wilds of Vancouver in the early days of 2006, the film Pathfinder was being shot in the pristine, yet primordial-looking woods that surround the very cosmopolitan Canadian city. The film tells the tale of a Viking invasion of North America more than 500 years before Columbus set foot on the virgin continent. Follow New York Times Travel on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The bed faces the bay window opening onto a balcony of approximately 10à square meters. A sofa can be transformed into an extra bed, a coffee table and a stool complete the “living room” area. A large television overhangs a piece of furniture with 3 large drawers and a fridge. In the folded position, we benefit from a full height mirror. In unfolded mode, with an armchair placed in front, we have a small desk. While I had always chosen an Aqua Class cabin on this company , this time I wanted to test a suite, and have access to the Retreat, the private part reserved for the passengers of the suites.

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